Our Mission

Altruart is committed to supporting artists with disabilities to gain the opportunity to earn income and pursue a career as an artist to their highest potential.

The untapped potential of Artists with disabilities


1) We are always excited to work with untapped potential. When we first meet the artist, who may not even think of him/herself as an ‘artist’, often simply labeled as ‘disabled’ in society, we always see the huge potential inside and believe their art will ultimately inspire the world.


2) Traditionally, there have been certain rules used to assess the value of art in a historical context. We believe that the value of pure art, which brings out their inner voice, truly inspires our society with bold, strong messages. This brings an upside-down shift in the world by changing conventional thought from “Society helps the disabled” to “The disabled empower Society to become more abled”.


3) The art of the disabled is a great overall advantage for society; their art, an invention reflecting their own voice, has unlimited value. We aid in maximizing those values and expand those art market channels to help fund their activities and release them from low-paying jobs, currently their only option in the social system. We aid them in expressing their creativity and thereby help inspire society through their artistic expression.