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Art Licensing

Art Licensing

Altruart specializes in working with artists with disabilities and licensing customers/manufacturers to find images, designs and creative ways to enhance their products or projects.
Your involvement and support assists our artists in obtaining a broader exposure and thereby generating additional sources of revenue in order to pursue a livelihood as an artist. And while you benefit from the use of our amazing and extensive artwork collection in your products and projects, you also reveal to the world that your company is both socially-conscious and charitable.


If your company or client is looking to increase sales by enhancing your products or promotional advertising use with quality art properties, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time for more information, or to discuss how we may be of help.


Media Relations

Our aim as Altruart media relations is to provide artists with disabilities the means to express themselves through the creation of art. Our goal is to professionally exhibit and market their work, and assist them in making a living from their work. To further develop awareness of the importance of artists within the broader community, we increase their opportunity to interact with a variety of media outlets.


We approach influential media and journalists to introduce local and national level stories that contain information about our disabled artists seeking generous support for their art projects.

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